Uber Unveils Split-Fare Feature

Posted on July 17, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Uber launched a new feature with its latest software update this week, and now passengers can split fares electronically with the simple “fare split” option on the app.

After requesting a ride, customers with the updated app will be able to access the “fare split” feature. They can then invite other friends from their contact list or enter the person’s mobile phone number manually. The app will then send a text to the other passenger, with a link that will either open the app (if they have it installed) or prompt them to download it and enter their payment information.

This could help prevent that awkward moment when a friend does not have cash to help pay for the ride.

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  • Andrew

     | about 7 years ago

    I drive for Uber. It makes up about 10-20% of my work filling gaps in my workload. I was required to submit registration, insurance, airport licenses, etc to go on board, same as any limo company I subcontract for. The fact is, Uber fills a gap between the spotty area coverage and up and down quality of taxis and the rigid scheduling of traditional limo companies. Its a different form of competition, and everyone needs to look for ways to improve their value with better service. I want to add that at least half the time its not people looking for a cut rate limo, but looking for a convenient limo.

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