Uber Confirms UberX Price Cuts To Target Rivals

Posted on June 12, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Uber is making a serious commitment to its UBERx service. The company announced on its Uber blog that it will be cutting fares on UBERx rides in an effort to be more competitive with ride sharing apps like Lyft and SideCar.

UBERx works similar to UberBLACK except that passengers are generally driven around in smaller personal vehicles or hybrid cars.

It’s been about three years since Uber launched in San Francisco. Since then, the company has expanded rapidly, offering its on-demand UberBLACK black car service in dozens of cities around the world.

San Francisco, which was the first market for Uber, has become one of the most competitive cities, with a wide range of low-priced options. With convenience and reliability becoming a commodity, now the battle has moved to price.

Uber says that UBERx rides will now be priced at 10 percent cheaper than its UberTAXI service, and gave some sample fares to show users how much typical rides might cost.

The full story at techcrunch.com.

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  • Ed Senatore

     | about 7 years ago

    I agree with Kim. This industry is on it's ear thanks to Uber, Lyft and Sidecar type services. The lower the price the lower the service. I already see seriously distressed Lincoln Town Cars driving around San Francisco advertising that they work for Uber. My favorite was a full size SUV is poor condition with the entire back window covered with an Uber banner. I noticed a Lincoln Town Car with a banner on it's back window stating "Powered by Uber"! Uber's business practices are reckless to say the least. People will get what they pay for.

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