CA Lawmaker Targets Limo Safety In Proposed Bill

Posted on June 12, 2013

SACRAMENTO — In response to a deadly limousine fire on the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge last month, East Bay lawmaker Ellen Corbett has introduced legislation that would add safety features in limos.

Sen. Ellen Corbett, D-10th District, is the California Senate Majority Leader.

Corbett introduced the legislation on Monday, one day after a separate incident in Walnut Creek’s Rossmoor community in which 10 elderly women safely escaped a limo as it caught fire.

KPIX-TV/CBS Channel 5 article here.

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  • Richard

     | about 7 years ago

    Limousine Proposed Bill- I sent a picture along with my comments as well to Senator Jerry Hill's Office. But they make what's called a "5th Door" for Limousines that looks exactly like a regular door but its a little bit longer and mounts right side behind the front passenger door and opens the same way. Its another entry/exit access door for people to get in and out of these vehicles and works great in an emergcy as well. Its a nice access for elderly as well. If one of these doors would have been installed on the limo in SF that caught fire those girls would be alive today and would ahve all gotten out safely where they were sitting instead of passing away. You can google this door and and Krystal Coach in Conrona California one of the biggest west limousine builders could show you one in person. (Currently these doors are a special order only) I hope and pray you all pass a LAW that requires this door on ALL limousines OLD/NEW and in service to have one of these doors. It will save a lot of lives going forward... Please feel free to call or email me with any of your questions? Thank you, Richard R Cox Chauffer

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