Maker Of MV-1 Luxury Paratransit Vehicle Shuts Down

Posted on May 8, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Vehicle Production Group, the maker of a distinctive vehicle called the MV-1 that broke new ground in luxury paratransit transportation closed doors and laid off its staff after it could not keep up with the requirements of a government loan, USA Today reported today.

The MV-1 vehicle, along with a stretch version, had been exhibited at International LCT Shows since 2011. It was noted for its retro London taxi-cab styling.

USA Today MV-1 report here.

Washington Post MV-1 report here

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  • Ross Vaughan

     | about 8 years ago

    I bought an MV-1 November 2012, had it upgraded to limousine status by AHA (The Limo Centre) in Toronto where I live and operate. Fantastic vehicle! Customers are very impressed with it as a limo and wheelchair clients? 'Over the Moon'. US making a grave error if they don't find a way to keep this in production for the 17 Million Mobility Challenged Americans who deserve a 'purpose' built vehicle! I also have a Sprinter but its a 'truck' for 8 pax. One wheelchair and or 3 or 4 pax, MV-1 fits.

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