Fleet Tech Company Offers Limo Roadside Help Program

Posted on April 9, 2013

SAN DIEGO – American Motor Products, Inc. (AMProd) is introducing a new commercial roadside assistance program specifically tailored to the limousine industry.

After listening to the feedback of industry operators at trade shows and association meetings, AMProd executives understood the critical nature of cash flow for these companies. They sought out the top program providers in the industry, and created the “pay as you go” program. The AMPRA program (American Motor Products Roadside Assistance) is provided by Roadside Protect, Inc., a top-rated call center and customer management and dispatch center. AMPRA is designed for the fleet operator to have a national team on call when a vehicle breaks down or needs immediate service.

AmProd is a national supplier of roadside assistance that accepts vehicles of all sizes, payable for a monthly cost. Vehicles are rated in three categories by gross vehicle weight: light, medium, and heavy duty. Prices for vehicles such as limousines, sedans and SUVs in the under 10,000 lb. weight category are $4 a month. Vehicles up to Class 8 are accepted on the program, which covers any vehicle in an operator's fleet.

Service and claims are provided through Roadside Protect by the Allstate Signature’s Nationwide Auto Club, with more than 10,000 contracted and insured towing companies in the program throughout the U.S. and Canada.

AMPRA Roadside Assistance attaches to each vehicle with a specific Member ID number, and a toll-free emergency dispatch service number which is handled by a live agent 24/7. Services include: Towing up to 100 miles, flat tire assistance, out of fuel, battery jump start, lost key or lock-out assistance, and winching or vehicle extraction. “The best part of the new program is its flexibility," said Laird Mooney, CEO of AMProd, in a statement. "During the one year contract, operators can add, replace or delete vehicles on the program each month as their needs change, and we adjust the invoice accordingly.”

Information: David Ward, AMProd executive vice president of business development, at (619) 905-9780;l [email protected]

About American Motor Products
American Motor Products, founded in San Diego in 2010, focuses on technology solutions for the small to mid-sized fleet, mostly in the chauffeured transportation industry. Its products include Roadside Assistance, GPS-based Fleet Management and Dispatch, and other specialty products such as high-performance recycled oil and hard to find tires for the limousine industry.

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