Authorities Detail Actions Against CA Limo, Shuttle, Bus Companies

Posted on July 25, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO - The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), in its ongoing efforts on consumer protection, has recently taken a number of actions against illegally operating passenger carriers. During the second quarter of 2012, the CPUC took the following enforcement actions against limousine, bus, and shuttle companies for violations of the Public Utilities Code and CPUC rules and regulations, including General Orders (GO) 115-F and 157-D.

Administrative Citation
Ten companies were cited and fined a total of $28,500 for one or more of these violations:

  1. Advertised a revoked permit number
  2. Engaged employees without procuring evidence of workers' compensation insurance
  3. Failed to enroll and/or pre-employment test drivers in a mandatory drug and alcohol program
  4. Failed to enroll drivers in DMV Pull Notice program
  5. General Order 157-D violation (failed to maintain a current equipment list, no sub-carrier agreement, or incomplete waybills)
  6. Operated without a valid authority (suspended or unlicensed)
  7. Operated vehicles that are not insured at the required minimum level of public liability and property damage insurance
  8. Failed to properly report gross revenue earned
  9. Illegal display of charter-party carrier identification
  10. Failing to respond to consumer complaints

Companies cited:

  1. George H. Bateman III dba Best One Limousine and Airport Services, Corona (TCP 19128)
  2. Think Escape, LLC, Fremont, (TCP 23682)
  3. Sacramento Transportation Systems, Inc., Sacramento (PSC 15260)
  4. Ulises Ramirez dba Imperial Valley Tours, Holtsville (TCP 16851)
  5. James Burns, et al, A General Partnership, Palm Springs (TCP 11265)
  6. Ace Xpress Charter, Inc. Dba Ace Tour, San Francisco (TCP 23281
  7. Leyd Anorve dba American Luxury Limousine, Corona (TCP 26827)
  8. Steve Bauer dba Street Scene Limousine LLC, Sherman Oaks (Unlicensed)
  9. Bhupinder Kaur Sahni Dba Stockton Airporter, Stockton (TCP 23694)
  10. Good Earth Limo, Inc. dba Euro Limo, Santa Monica (TCP 27041)

Criminal Filings
The CPUC filed a criminal case on the following three companies:

Complaint #226552, Capitol West Insurance Services Corporation, El Monte:  The CPUC filed a complaint with the Department of Insurance, Investigation Division, alleging that insurance brokerage Capitol West was underwriting its own insurance filings to the CPUC that were not backed by a policy issued by an insurance company. The Department of Insurance conducted its investigation as to the insurance business practices of Capitol West. On February 17, 2012, the Department of Insurance's Fraud Investigator filed criminal charges against the president, Ilyas Afzali, and there was an arrest warrant with bail set at $50,000. On June 1, 2012, Afzali pled guilty to violation of 529.5(c) PC. Afzali was placed on summary probation for a period of 2 years under the following conditions: pay a fine, penalty fund assessment, attorney fees, etc., totaling $2,114 and ordered to perform and complete 15 days of tree farm or Caltrans.

Complaint #M148648CF, Insight Limo, Inc., San Diego (TCP 26201-Revoked): The San Diego City Attorney's Office filed a misdemeanor against this company for operating after permit suspension.

Complaint #WC2011-0247, Estrella de Oro, Los Angeles (PSG 27987-Denied), Case PSG 3006: The CPUC asked the San Diego District Attorney's Office to file a misdemeanor against this company for operating without a valid authority and workers compensation violations.
Telephone Disconnections
As part of its ongoing efforts to clamp down on illegal passenger carriers, the CPUC had telephone service shut off to one charter party carrier operating in California without a household goods permit. This company continued to engage in the business of transporting passengers, notwithstanding CPUC directives to immediately cease and desist unlawful acts and to obtain a transportation charter party authority.

PSG-3292., Scott G. Scott dba Trail Discovery Safari Tours, Palm Springs (Unlicensed): This company advertised and offered transportation services on the Internet. The advertisement listed one telephone number. Notwithstanding the CPUC's Cease and Desist order directing the company to immediately cease all unlawful advertisements and operations, the company continued to violate the law. On May 31, 2012, the CPUC obtained a Finding of Probable Cause signed by a Riverside County Superior Court Judge. The Finding orders disconnection of telephone service to the telephone number advertised and used by the company to violate criminal laws in the State of California.

Enforcement Actions at Los Angeles World Airport (LAWA):
Number of citations issued by LAWA police (unlicensed operations only): 35
Number of of vehicles impounded: 19
Official Notices
Seventeen companies were issued an Official Notice for one or more of these violations:

  1. Engaged drivers prior to enrollment in the DMV pull notice and drug and alcohol programs
  2. Advertised and operated without authority (prior to issuance, expired, or suspended)
  3. Conducted operations at an airport without holding an airport permit
  4. Engaged drivers without workers' compensation insurance on file and in effect
  5. Failed to include TCP authority number in advertisements
  6. Failed to update equipment list
  7. Incomplete or no waybills
  8. Knowingly and intentionally filed a false report that understates revenues and fees

Companies receiving an Official Notice:

  1. Jose Acosta dba Comfort Ride, San Diego (TCP 23135)
  2. Pankow's Family Car, Shingle Springs (Unlicensed)
  3. Jasbir Singh Clair dba Antioch Express Cab, Antioch (Unlicensed)
  4. Robin Burns dba Classi Transportation, Palm Springs (Unlicensed)
  5. Gurmeet Sahni Dba Century Limo Service, Pleasanton (TCP 16980)
  6. Syed Jafri, dba The Bay Limo, Milpitas (TCP 25972)
  7. World Limousine - Mandalay Bay Limousine, San Francisco (TCP 25435)
  8. Robert Imber dba PS Modern Tours, Palm Springs (TCP 28675)
  9. Edvard Abrahamyan dba Private Limousine Service, Santa Rosa (TCP 19705)
  10. Liberty Charter Inc., Midway City (TCP 17731)
  11. Fangrong Lin and Hongsheng Zeng Dba Franklin Shuttle, Richmond (TCP 22582)
  12. Rami Karadshe dba Social Trends Inc., Millbrae (TCP 28687)
  13. Ron Durham, dba My First Choice Limousine, Saratoga (TCP Unlicensed)
  14. Personified LLC, dba Personified Chauffeur Service, Tarzana, (TCP 27387)
  15. Jorge Amaro dba A1 Limo Services, Mountain View (Unlicensed)
  16. KLS Limousine Inc., Corona (TCP 22817)
  17. Greyhound Lines Inc., Los Angeles (TCP 000001).

Refunds and Settlement Claims
Two companies agreed to refund monies to consumers for service related complaints:

  1. Gateway Express Limousine Service, Diamond Bar (TCP 9519)
  2. Starlite Limo LLC, Sacramento (TCP 17044).

Cease and Desist Notices
Thirty-six companies were issued a cease and desist notice for the violation of operating and/or advertising without a valid charter-party authority (unlicensed, suspended, revoked, denied, or expired).

Companies issued a C&D notice:

  1. Ulises Ramirez dba Imperial Valley Tours, Holtsville (TCP 16851)
  2. Payma Management Systems, LLC, Poway (TCP 15330)
  3. Go Californie, LLC, Concord (Unlicensed)
  4. Arturo Ledesma, dba Central Cali Party Bus, Watsonville (Unlicensed)
  5. Linda R Pasqua dba Delivered By Grace, Sunnyvale (Unlicensed)
  6. Jorge Amaro dba A1 Limo Services, Mountain View (Unlicensed)
  7. Jasbir Singh Clair dba Antioch Express Cab, Antioch (Unlicensed)
  8. Ruedas & Camancho dba California Shuttle, Hollister (Unlicensed)
  9. David C. Hodgins dba Five-O Secure Transportation, Loomis (Unlicensed)
  10. Santa Barbara Limo Bus LLC dba Santa Barbara Limo Bus, Goleta (TCP 21820)
  11. Tom Bridger dba TCS Chauffer Service, Palm Desert (Unlicensed)
  12. San Diego Executive Sedan LLC, San Diego (Unlicensed)
  13. Michael Riches dba Town Cars San Diego (TCP 19059)
  14. Juan E Gonzalez, Sr. dba Bad Boy Limo, Chula Vista (TCP 16842)
  15. Paola Enterprises LLC dba Katz Party Bus, Norwalk (TCP 28817)
  16. Arthur Kesablian dba One Dream Limousine Service, Sun Valley (TCP 9787)
  17. Avolar Limousine Service Inc. dba Avolar Limousine Service, West Hills (TCP 23280)
  18. Veronica Trillo dba H.I.S Transportation Services (PSG 27331)
  19. Polly Lau dba Polly Martini, Benicia. (Unlicensed)
  20. Nick Falcone dba Sunbelt Limos, Laguna Beach (Unlicensed)
  21. Young Mock Sagong and Eun Jun Choi General Partnership dba Irvine Limo & Tour, Irvine (TCP 20472)
  22. Lichu Tsao and Thomas Yeh, Irvine (Unlicensed)
  23. Woody Guderian Dba Woody's Wine Tours, Santa Rosa (Unlicensed)
  24. Ray Ramirez dba Hollywood Ray, San Diego. (Unlicensed)
  25. The Santa Cruz Experience, Santa Cruz (TCP 27104)
  26. Josephine Rivas dba Payma Management Systems LLC, Poway (TCP 15330)
  27. Jorge Amaro dba A-1 Limo Services, Mountain View (Unlicensed)
  28. Ruben & Scarlett Citores dba Bay Hopper Party Bus, Menlo Park (Unlicensed)
  29. Shapiro, Dinerman & Kaplun, Inc. dba Bay Shuttle, San Francisco (Unlicensed)
  30. Travel Limousine and Sedan Service, West San Bruno (TCP10157)
  31. Apollo Luxury Transportation Corp., Martinez (TCP 20518)
  32. City Sightseeing Corporation, San Francisco (TCP 21558)
  33. Limo Lounge LLC, Gilroy (TCP 24002)  
  34. Prestige Limousine, Bakersfield (Unlicensed)
  35. Berreth Limousine, Delano (Unlicensed)
  36. Edison Krosi, Aliso Viejo (TCP 24282)

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