Technology Offers New Marketing Services To Limo Operators

Posted on May 2, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO — For one flat monthly rate, limo operators can now enjoy exposure through all of’s distribution channels (website, partner sites, API platform, smartphone app), receive leads, and be included in partnership promotions and specials. This new all-inclusive marketing package rolled out on April 16 and will help operators budget for their monthly expense.

“Active customer demand in the market and fleet size are the big things we look at to help operators set the right package budget,” said Chief Product Officer Doug Anderson. “They can forecast that number and they’ll never exceed it per month and they won’t have to worry about cost fluctuations.” The marketing package will be tailored for each operation based on fleet size and market, two factors that help determine the opportunities an operation is open to.

Previously, operators only had the option to pay for each individual lead from, and due to cycles in the market, couldn’t properly budget for a monthly spend because some months produced a high number of leads while others produced little. With the all-inclusive package, phone call and email information for leads are included. With the pay-per-lead model, which will still offer to those operators who want that level of control and flexibility, each email lead cost between $0.99 to $2.99; with the new package deal, the average cost per lead will be about $0.50.

“We’re able to target people online who are in the market ready to book, and operators will be able to retarget the people who weren’t ready to book because they’ll know how to contact them after they leave our site,” Anderson said.

This new package benefits both the limo service and the prospective passenger because the operators can control their monthly spend and prospects get more transportation options. In just two weeks, 25% of’s operator base migrated over to this new marketing package, and 50% of all new signups are coming from operators who are rejoining thanks to the all-inclusive marketing program.

Operators can learn more information at

March/April LCT Magazine article on here.

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— Michael Campos, LCT associate editor

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