Boston Coach Launches Booker Identification System

Posted on April 11, 2012

BOSTON — BostonCoach, among the top five largest chauffeured transportation provider in the U.S., has introduced a new component to its travel booking system that recognizes individual corporate travel arrangers and makes the reservation process much faster, easier and more efficient.

Called the BostonCoach Booker Identification System, it also helps travel and procurement managers control travel costs, enforce policy compliance and maintain high service levels.

Making travel arrangers the focal point of the booking process by capturing and accommodating individual booker’s needs and preferences is a major shift in how reservations are booked. By doing so, the BostonCoach Booker Identification System is able to offer a level of sophistication and benefits to bookers and travel managers not found elsewhere in the industry. Unlike other systems in the industry, BostonCoach client travel arrangers have their own personal profiles that can be linked to profiles for every traveler for whom they book. Profiles store essential account information and personal preferences to assure travel is booked quickly and accurately.

Since launching the program in January, BostonCoach has created more than 2,500 new profiles and is adding more daily. The company already is experiencing faster, more accurate bookings, fewer booking incidents and a reduction of multiple files in its systems.
“The Booker Identification System is having an immediate impact on improving the BostonCoach experience for bookers, travelers and travel managers,” said Boston Coach CEO Larry Moulter in a statement. “We also expect the system to provide a technological platform upon which we can continue to build an even more enhanced personalized, experience.”

Source: Boston Coach

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