Driver Divisions Grow Amid Philadelphia Protest

Posted on December 16, 2015

PHILADELPHIA -- Two groups of Philadelphia’s taxi drivers and limousine chauffeurs mounted a protest Dec. 16  around City Hall, joined by drivers from Uber Black. The drivers are protesting what they call the illegal operation in the city of transportation network companies, UberX and Lyft.

The Taxi Workers Alliance and the Philadelphia Limo Association are carrying out the protest, and have promised as many as 600 vehicles. Their demands include no more operation of UberX and Lyft for as long as they are illegal in Philadelphia, for the PPA and District Attorney to bring legal action against the services and for the mayor and City Council to do their part to stop their operation.

Source: WTXF-TV Fox 29 article

CBS Philly article here

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  • frederick

     | about 2 years ago

    this is COMICAL! it is a sign of totally pathetic ineptitude on the part of the authorities and shows how we are all lead around like sheep on the end of rope. The taxi and limo industry follows the rules, TNC don't. but since they apparently have enough money and public "support" they can do as they please. this whole conversation is idiotic and non sense. Bottom line is UBER et all are a predatory business seeking to displace established service providers. by using a different name for the service and wee tweak in technology, they are hailed as "revolutionary" and "entrepreneurial". as usual, the greedy public sees no further than their wallets and are lured by a lower price point. Nothing new about pushing out the vested interest and replacing it with the new, "yet to be" vested interest. so the joke is on our industry for allowing this to progress to this point. Q - how does a business provide service with no insurance and get away with it. that is the ONLY question here. that is what has happened. the rest is blah ... blah ... blah ...

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