How Far Should Motorcoach Safety Rules Go?

Posted on December 11, 2015

Although motorcoach transportation overall is safe, when serious crashes occur, they can cause a significant number of fatal or serious injuries, especially when occupants are ejected.

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  • anthony

     | about 5 years ago

    I believe the issue is the owners of these bus companies, the party bus owners that have caused 24 deaths across the usa are in my opinion mom and pop people with old equipment and lack of safety and understanding the problems of their old vehicles. We have so much technology that a bus drivers cell phone system could be developed. It could communicate with the bus for hours of driving and detect and send speeding warning and abnormal braking of acceleration. This type of system could be used for the trucking industry. Bus, trucking,limo companies do have owners that dont care if you have enough rest or if they are over scheduling their drivers. As i have said in the past, party bus age limit would get rid of operators that look the other way for safety, age limit on motor coaches should also be used. If the industry does not make some serious changes, the gov will make those changes. Caifornia had nurses die in a 1999 junk limo fire that raised insurance rates and gov issued new guidelines for 2016 linousines. We did not make the correct suggestions to the state and they gave us their own.

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