Cadillac Looks To Be First In Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication

Posted on October 26, 2015

Speaking at a J.D. Power's Automotive Marketing Roundtable on Tuesday night, Cadillac CEO Johan de Nysschen said that his company will be the first brand to bring vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication technology to production with its 2017 CTS mid-size sedan.

Whether Cadillac will be the first or not is up for debate. Mercedes-Benz has already revealed that its 2017 E-Class, too, will offer V2V communication. Regardless, the tech is the next significant step toward fully functional autonomous cars — no matter what brand is first. V2V works by connecting cars via Wi-Fi signals, allowing them to share information about location and speed, as well as other driving and safety data.

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  • Kenneth Jones

     | about 5 years ago

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