Will 2017 Lincoln Continental Bring Ford Back To Luxury?

Posted on October 19, 2015

Remember the Lincoln Continental concept car that wowed visitors to the New York International Auto Show last spring?

It, or something a lot like it, is headed for production. And we may see that production version as soon as January.

Car and Driver is reporting that Ford (NYSE:F) will unveil the production version of the Lincoln Continental in Detroit early next year.

What will it be like? And why is it so important to Ford?

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  •  | about 5 years ago

    Just can't wait to see this new mile stone very long awaited, hopefully ford will give Lincoln more room to grow,. I want 1 in the family for the effortless long rides and comfort that Lincoln has been known for, and quiet ride along with quality. i'll never forget the 79 Lincoln collector's series i had for more than 20 years,. The interior of the 17 with the pillow top seats takes me back to the living room on wheels I had with the 79. would also be nice to see a livery version. Lincoln still holds that crown for the best limos no other company will ever top that legacy..

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