Uber Drivers Prepare For Strike In Four Major Cities

Posted on October 16, 2015

Groups of Uber drivers across the country are organizing to go on strike this weekend unless the on-demand transportation company agrees to increase fares and add a tipping option.

The drivers, who are coordinating over Facebook, are proposing a strike that begins Friday evening and lasts through the weekend.

Drivers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Houston have said on the social network that they will participate in the strike, but it is unclear how many will actually carry out the plan.

Los Angeles Times article here

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  • Jay

     | about 5 years ago

    Why? UBER's the best thing in the world for them. Be your boss, work when you want to, Your personal insurance is all you need. You don't need regulations, UBER pays your commercial insurance (so you been told) You can be a felon and still drive. Don't you like working for peanuts? Starting to get wise? You have to pay to play. How much has this lesson taught you, and how much have you lost so far. LOLOLOL

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