Columnist Exposes Days In Life Of An Uber Driver

Posted on September 23, 2015

A Los Angeles Times columnist moonlights as an Uber driver, and proves a lot of what many members of the limousine industry have been saying about TNCs:

Steve Lopez As Uber Driver Part I: Is Uber — a $50-billion Silicon Valley enterprise — as great for drivers as it is for passengers? Or is it yet another industry that might one day make a few people staggeringly rich on the backs of workers who struggle to eke out a living wage? Los Angeles Times column here

Steve Lopez As Uber Driver Part II: Ride sharing, as I said in my first column, has a big upside. It's changing the way people think of travel, their community and their relationship to it. They'd do well to think about the darker implications, as well, and at the very least, consider leaving a tip. Los Angeles Times column here

Other Uber- and TNC-related headlines:

UberWine Offers As-Directed Private Wine Tours: The transportation industry’s favorite disruptor saw an opportunity in California and launched its service, effectively helping wine swillers avoid drunken vineyard driving at a reasonable cost. Munchies article here

Is Uber Indispensable To Low Income Residents? A member of San Francisco's Board of Supervisors said services provided by Uber and Lyft are “indispensable” to the city’s residents, particularly those with low or moderate incomes. International Business Times article here

Surge Pricing Shocks Some Las Vegas TNC Riders: Like most weekends in Las Vegas there was a big event happening and that meant surge pricing was in effect, but some riders say those fares were up to three times the normal rate. The event was the iHeartRadio Music Festival and it drew thousands of people. LasVegasNow.com article here

UberCommute Coming To China: Uber is testing a new kind of carpooling service after it announced UberCommute, a service that will be piloted first in China. The news comes weeks after UberChina closed a $1.2 billion funding round. TechCrunch.com article here

French Court Upholds Ban On UberPop: France's highest court today upheld a law that bans Uber's low-cost car-hailing service, UberPop, nearly three months after taxi unions staged nationwide protests against the service. TheVerge.com article here

Four Signs Uber Could Go Public @ $100 Billion Valuation: I'm surprised we that we aren't already talking about Uber at $100 billion. Here are four reasons to believe we'll get to that point soon enough. The Motley Fool article here

UberX Starts Up In St. Louis Area: Uber faces major road blocks trying to break into the St. Louis market because of the St. Louis Metropolitan Taxi Cab Commission. Uber says St. Louis was the largest metropolitan area in the country not to allow Uber-X. The problems centers on fingerprinting and drivers passing drug testing. Fox2Now St. Louis video and article here

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  • anthony

     | about 5 years ago

    450 million operating loss..... not a safe investment Plus employee status pay back for all drivers that worked 12 hours plus per days

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