New Technology Minimizes Engine Idle Time & Fuel Consumption

Posted on January 9, 2012

WARMINSTER, Pa. – Havis Inc., a provider of in-vehicle mobile office solutions, announced on December 28, 2011 the launch of IdleRight2, its proprietary idle-reduction and fuel-management system.

IdleRight2 monitors the voltage of the vehicle’s battery while the vehicle is turned off and onboard electronics (such as radios, computers, and GPS systems) are still on. When the battery voltage drops to a pre-set level, the system triggers a remote starter to run the engine long enough for the battery to recharge, then turns the vehicle off again. This cuts down on idle time and fuel consumption while still allowing for electronics to be used.

A test in 2009 at the Glastonbury Police Department in Connecticut showed that a vehicle that ran for four hours with its emergency lights on consumed 2.8 gallons of fuel before the IdleRight2 system was installed. With the system installed, the same vehicle’s idle time dropped to 40 minutes and used only 0.46 gallons of fuel.

In addition to saving fuel, reducing idling time also prevents unnecessary engine wear and decreases harmful emissions. According to the Lincoln Town Car Owner’s Manual, an hour of idling is equal to approximately 33 miles of driving.

The IdleRight2 system features an LED diagnostics system that shows what state the unit is in and allows customers to quantify their savings by outputting the number of idle hours saved. This data can then be plugged into the Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator (located at to determine total savings in fuel, money, miles and maintenance.  

For more information on IdleRight2, please visit

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Source: Havis, Inc.

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