Prevent Dead Batteries And Save On Fuel With Auto Shut-off Timer

Posted on December 5, 2011

WARMINSTER, Pa. – As temperatures begin to fall, a battery’s electrical capacity diminishes and the amount of power needed to crank an engine increases, putting vehicles at a greater risk for a dead battery.

Havis, Inc., a provider of in-vehicle mobile office solutions, has produced the ChargeGuard automatic shut-off timer to provide voltage protection for in-vehicle aftermarket electronics such as computers, two-way radios and GPS systems.

The ChargeGuard system works by automatically turning mobile equipment on when the engine is started, and when the engine is turned off, the equipment only stays on for a pre-programmed period of time, after which it is automatically disabled to prevent battery drain. This also saves fuel by allowing electronics to continue running after the engine has been shut off.

An LED light on the ChargeGuard indicates under and over voltage conditions and the system will turn off any equipment before the pre-set time if voltage drops too low. If for some reason the engine won’t start or the battery is dangerously low, users can press an override button that will give them 15 minutes of power to radio for help. The override also functions as a bypass to turn the system off to disconnect the equipment before the normal time delay.

For fleets that use multiple in-vehicle electronics crucial to operations, such as the GPS systems and two-way radios commonly found in chauffeured vehicles, an auto shut-off timer like the ChargeGuard is a cost-effective way to avoid battery drain, especially during the winter season.

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Source: Havis, Inc.

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