EmpireCLS Enrolls Affiliates In Green Program

Posted on November 29, 2011

SECAUCUS, N.J. — EmpireCLS has started to enroll its top 40 affiliate network transportation partners into the Green Ride Global program to ensure audited data flows into the sustainability reporting for its top clients.

“Being accountable for your environmental footprint is a fundamental component of our business operations,” said David Seelinger, EmpireCLS Chairman and CEO, in a statement. “A company can only truly understand how to manage [its] footprint if [it has] measurements in place.”

EmpireCLS measures and tracks all aspects of its environmental footprint, has a third-party audited algorithm that feeds trip-specific carbon footprint data onto all trip receipts, and provides monthly, quarterly and annual customer-specific supply chain carbon reporting to clients that require this information.

Now, based on client requests, EmpireCLS is working with its global network partners to capture their sustainability as well. This is managed through participation in the Green Ride Global program, which entrenches sustainability into the daily operations of transportation companies.

The affiliate markets reporting audited carbon data to Green Ride Global include Boston, Nashville, Miami, Atlanta, Sacramento, Phoenix, Denver, Washington, D.C., Dallas, Toronto, Montreal, Victoria, Orange County (Calif.), San Francisco, Kansas City and Seattle. More markets are being added weekly.

“The Green Ride Global program captures the accurate carbon footprint of every vehicle in the program. The data is stored inside each respective company’s carbon inventory, where it can be pulled from to complete any large, global corporate reporting requirement,” said Green Ride Global president and CEO Justin Raymond in a press release. “The thirst for sustainability data from business travel and event-related programs is growing. For many corporations, it is a key element of their RFP process as well.”

Source: Green Ride Global

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