New Product Creates Cleaner Burning Fuel To Improve Gas Mileage

Posted on November 21, 2011

The Liberator Fuel Saver is an aftermarket auto part that uses a patented airflow-mixing technology to improve the combustion process in a vehicle’s engine.  A non-moving cylindrical device, the Liberator Fuel Saver fits into vehicle intake manifolds, inducing controlled turbulence into the intake air through a combination of tumbling and swirl, a process called Swumble. This Swumble process pushes air through the engine at a higher velocity, much like a vacuum, creating greater engine combustion, better fuel economy, lower emissions, and higher low-end torque.  

The Swumble is created by use of the conical shape, the slots, and the tabs on the device. The conical design accelerates the airflow intake.  The tabs induce the tumble and direct the airflow, and the slots induce the swirl.  The result is a stronger concentration of air and fuel being directed into the pistons, creating a finer and cleaner burn of the mixture.  

Typically, users have reported a 1-2 mpg gain in city driving, and experienced 2-4 mpg gain in highway driving.  The Liberator Fuel Saver will last the lifetime of the car.  It is made of solid brass and has no moving parts.  It will not deteriorate over time, nor will it ever need to be cleaned.  The LFS is dependent upon the vehicles intake of air.  Automobiles do not have strong air intake while starting, stopping, and idling in city traffic.  The LFS is maximized once vehicles get on the highway.

The Liberator Fuel Saver is placed behind the air intake, allowing the air to pass through the throttle blade and then be tumbled and swirled prior to coming in contact with the fuel.  The LFS takes 15 minutes on average to install.  No special tools are needed besides a screwdriver and ratchet set.  Placement of the LFS does not change the nature of any other engine part.  The LFS simply sits behind the intake – no bolts, no screws – and requires no maintenance.  

Installation is simple and fast for anyone with basic tools and minimal mechanical knowledge.  For throttle body engines, the Liberator Fuel Saver installs behind the throttle blade inside the air intake.  Installation requires a screwdriver to remove the air hose, a ratchet and a couple of sockets to remove the bots on the manifold.  Remove the car’s gasket if it has one and simply place it inside the intake, and replace the original gasket if the vehicle is factory equipped with a plastic gasket, or use the enclosed new gasket if the vehicle was factory equipped with paper gaskets.  Reattach the throttle body and air hose.  The entire process takes approximately 10-20 minutes depending on vehicle make and model.  

Global Sustainability Technologies, LLC warrants the Liberator Fuel Saver may be returned at any time within 30 days of purchase for any reason. With proper installation of the Liberator Fuel Saver, under normal driving conditions, you should experience increased fuel mileage over your current average miles per gallon rate.  If you are unable to achieve increased fuel mileage, you may return the product along with the original receipt within thirty (30) days of purchase and receive a refund of your full purchase price less shipping and handling.  


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