CLS Las Vegas Loses Major Airport Contract

Posted on November 17, 2011

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — CLS Limo Company lost its contract with McCarran International Airport Tuesday.

Clark County commissioners voted unanimously to reduce the number of limo companies serving the airport from six to four. The airport's director says that's because passenger totals have dropped 17% since their 2007 peak. Clark County set up a bidding process. CLS Limo lost its bid after serving the airport for 17 years.

The following four Las Vegas ground transportation companies are scheduled to provide on-demand shuttle and limousine service from LAS Airport starting May 1, 2012.  Advanced reservations are not required.

  • Airline Limousine Corporation
  • Whittlesea-Bell | dba: Bell Trans
  • On Demand Sedan Services Inc | dba: ODS Limousine, ODS Chauffeured Transportation
  • Jacob Transportation Services LLC | dba: Executive Las Vegas

Dozens of limo drivers filled the commission chambers Tuesday to ask county leaders to give their company a second chance. Airport officials say CLS lost the contract because of long-running business problems.

"They are the only ones that received a default letter in the past five years. They've received 11 default letters. Their violations from their drivers over the last five years, they have more violations than all of the other companies combined," said Clark County Aviation Director Randall Walker.

List of CLS Limo's Previous Violations

"This process wasn't as transparent as they would like you to believe it was," replied CLS Limo CEO Charlie Horky. "I'll absolutely fight. What I'm fighting for is the 250 jobs that I'd like my employees to keep at my company, where they like to work, where they have worked."

Frias Transportation, the holding company for Airline Limousine Corp., is one of four limo companies that won airport contracts. Frias representatives say the company plans to hire 200 drivers, some coming from CLS Limo Company, also known as CLS Las Vegas.

This is the second time this year Clark County faced controversy with transportation companies fighting over lucrative contracts. First Transit and Veolia landed in court regarding their bus contract fight.

CLS Limo representatives say they plan to sue Clark County.


Sources: KLAS-TV Channel 8 News NOW (CBS), Las Vegas;

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