GroundLink Launches New Feature For Smartphone App

Posted on October 26, 2011

NEW YORK — GroundLink has launched a new feature for its New York City clients that will allow them to order vehicles on-demand through a smartphone app. The feature is called “Ride Now” and is available on the iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android platforms. An HTML 5 mobile site is in the works and will go live in the beginning of next year.

The “Ride Now” feature of the GroundLink app is only available in New York City and allows clients to summon a chauffeured car for immediate pickup. GroundLink expects to roll out the “Ride Now” service in multiple U.S. cities in 2012. The other feature of the GroundLink app is the “Ride Later” service. It’s a more traditional reservation platform and allows clients to book rides in advance. “Ride Later” is available in 110 countries and more than 5,000 cities, and is integrated with KAYAK’s travel search iPhone app. Both services allow riders to track their vehicle locations along with its exact arrival time and communicate directly with chauffeurs at any point during the process.

“Our app is super easy to use and very intuitive; we’ve invested heavily not only in our backend technology but also in user experience and design with the goal of making booking and riding easy, social and even fun,” general manager S. Daniel Leon told LCT.

The GroundLink app also offers a social sharing tool so riders can update friends during the duration of their trip and leave driver reviews and recommendations.

Joining GroundLink’s affiliate network is free and operators interested in learning more can visit:

When asked about the company’s future plans, Leon said, “Stay tuned. What we have in store is going to change this industry forever and we cannot wait to share our development with our partners worldwide.”
To celebrate the launch of “Ride Now” in NYC, GroundLink is offering customers who book through its iPhone or Android apps the chance to win more than $15,000 and other prizes. GroundLink’s fleet will be stacked with a variety of prizes for five days, including two envelopes containing $1,000 each day. Other prizes include tickets to Yankees, Giants, and Jets games, Momofuku and Peter Luger gift cards, Brooklyn Bowl, Barneys and Tiffany gift cards, and more.


SOURCES: TechCrunch; Michael Campos, LCT assistant editor

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