New Dashboard Interface Makes Fleet-Tracking Easier

Posted on August 17, 2011

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — GPS Insight, a GPS tracking provider for commercial and government fleets, has released its new GPS fleet-tracking dashboard interface. The redesigned dashboard allows users to customize several system tabs to their exact preference, and additional custom tabs can be configured and saved by all users to help fleet managers, dispatchers and supervisors perform all necessary fleet management functions.

The new GPS-tracking interface also includes a few initial standard layouts for typical areas: mapping, reports, administration, and custom. Users can easily drag, drop, and configure the exact functionality they require from a list of available dashlets grouped into major categories. More than 25 are available, ranging from vehicle lists and maps to graphs, routing tools, Garmin dispatch, and alert monitors. Many custom dashlets already have been created for clients, and GPS Insight’s architecture has helped them modify or create new dashlets in as little as four hours to one week.

The overall GPS Insight menu also has changed. The mapping, reports, custom, and administration tabs now have drop-down menus which make all options available with a few clicks. Additionally, most client choices are remembered for the next time a client needs to access that particular item, saving time that would otherwise be spent re-selecting options, date ranges and vehicle groups. Each report provides improved summary data. Click here to view a demo of the new interface.

Mapping now includes real-time traffic, and the overall dashboard and maps are significantly faster. And early-beta user from Riverside, Calif., said the new interface makes it easier to find things and is more intuitive.

“We drew upon three years of customer advice, feedback, and development which have culminated in this new release of GPS Insight,” said Robert Donat, founder and CEO of GPS Insight. “There are over 4.5 trillion ways to configure our new interface now, but since we don’t recommend trying them all, it comes pre-configured with four popular tabs which can be modified by the user and four additional custom tabs which can be configured, labeled, and ordered in any way. In addition, the new dashboard architecture enables us to more rapidly deploy future capabilities, functions and enhancements for customers, and significantly improves our mapping capabilities.”

The new interface is available now to all customers. “It costs nothing for customers to move over,” said Ryan Driscoll, marketing manager for GPS Insight. “Right now it is set up for them to move over when they feel comfortable, and in a few months’ time, every account will be using this interface.”

Source: GPS Insight

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  • Fred Smith

     | about 8 years ago

    Thanks for sharing! I never knew that a <a href="">fleet tracking</a> dashboard upgrade could improve the overall tracking capabilities by so much. Thanks again.

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