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Posted on June 29, 2011

TORRANCE, Calif. — LCT Magazine changes the industry’s information game with its new website at The new site features more content than ever before.

It provides users with easy access to all industry news and features, with categories focusing on the most relevant industry topics:  technology, vehicles, people of the industry, regulations, industry research, and operations.

For those new to the industry, there is a section called “New Operator” that contains everything newcomers need to know.

The redesign allows for a continuous flow of information that will be posted more often than before. The user-friendly navigation will allow users to easily find informative articles, such as the new publisher’s page about how limo operators can attract more meeting planners, and the cover feature in the upcoming June/July article about how new technology tools can help operators gain more business in the meetings market.

Other content offerings include more photo galleries and summer vehicle tips from Executive Limousine.

Users can search through a comprehensive vendor and manufacturer directory and browse upcoming events. also now offers free and complete access to all Fact Book data from 2003 to the most current issue, which is exclusive to those who sign up for a FREE premium membership. Premium members will enjoy special access to the entire archive of LCT content and statistical data on the chauffeured transportation industry.

If you aren’t sure about adding a particular vehicle to your fleet, visit the Vehicles section and read about how other operators are doing. Please feel free to go click-crazy and explore all the sections of the new site. To help you out, below are summaries of each channel to help you find what you’re looking for.

  • Technology: Discover emerging technologies such as back-office software, cloud computing, fleet tracking and management software, green products and vehicles, tablet/mobile/smartphone business applications, and electronic/digital vehicle amenities and entertainment options.
  • Vehicles: See new vehicles, vehicle updates/upgrades, vehicle recalls, operators’ new vehicle purchases (“Me and my vehicle”-type articles), and news about vehicle manufacturer and vendors, unique limousines, and hybrids and alternative- and clean-fuel vehicles.
  • People: Spotlights on people of the industry and what they’ve been up to, whether it’s a recent special event, charity work, company anniversaries, new position appointments, resignations, acquisitions of or mergers with other companies, and new business models they are experimenting with.
  • Regulations: Focus on association news, regulations and legislature about the transportation industry, court rulings, legal battles, enforcement of safety codes, and industry/business-world politics.
  • Operations: The bulk of industry information will be here, with news and articless on best ideas and practices, new business models, general and specific tips on enhancing retail and corporate operations, sales, marketing (web, social media, traditional), and all kinds of how-to's, such as how to land contracts, how to deal with crises, and how to handle special events.
  • Industry Research: This channel contains statistical data about the industry, including industry trends, business trends, business travel news, economic trends, and best ideas and practices. Industry trends and business trends will also be covered here
  • Events: Calendar of LCT shows and conferences, including the 2011 LCT Leadership Summit just a few months away.
  •  New Operator: A guide for newcomers to the industry. Deals with beginners’ frequently asked questions. Limo 101.

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    Killer new website... Good job

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