Creating Your Own Excursions

Posted on September 1, 2010

There are endless destinations out there. To offer the most value, each trip should be a day trip or an entire evening so your guests feel like they spent the maximum time with your service having fun. Destinations should be within a two- to three-hour drive. They can include wineries, movie studios, manufacturing plants, and even amusement parks. Look at past charters your company has completed for ideas on where to go.

Most destination venues enjoy large groups since they are good money-makers. Hosts are willing to be more fl exible in accommodating large groups since all businesses are hurting from the recession. It is important that you make advance arrangements with venues so that they know what to expect and supply enough staff to handle your group. Be sure to ask for someone in group sales to help you get the best prices on tickets or admission. If a winery charges tasting fees, ask to have them waived if possible or credited back to your company for customer purchases made. You will need to advance the tasting fees to the winery. Credits will increase your bottom line profit.

Everyone is looking for value. You can do simple things such as including a box lunch to be served while traveling to the destination. A box lunch might cost you about $8, but when creating your fi nal package price, mark the lunch up 30% to add even more to your bottom line. Perhaps lunch can be served at the destination and added to the package or you can arrange for your guests to receive complimentary wine glasses to take home. Some amusement parks offer VIP tours and might incorporate this into a higher priced ticket but offer something not normally experienced by those attending an amusement park. Ask the venue what they might suggest to provide a little more value and see what they might be willing to throw in or provide at a discounted rate.

FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, TWITTER and e-mail blasts are all ways to reach your target audience for free. If your package is exciting enough and offers excellent value, word-of-mouth will take your advertising further. Search back through your records of people that went on similar trips and send them a personal e-mail announcing the trip and inviting them to participate. If you have a large amount of “fans” on your Facebook page, you should have no problem selling out an exciting tour within a few days of announcing it.

If you are operating a bus for your tour, you may want to consider adding a host to help keep things moving effi ciently. If your budget does not permit this, it is important to have a driver that has a charismatic personality that can set the stage for a fun day. Either way, the success of your tour will be based upon all things being delivered as promised. Start the trip by discussing what the plans are for the day and keep your speeches light hearted and fi lled with humor.


Movie studios
Amusement parks
Sporting events
Beaches/beach towns

Scenic landscapes
Film festivals/art shows
Production facilities
Historical sites
Tourist attractions
(The Alamo, French
Quarter, Times Square)
Outlet malls

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