Building Your Network Via Email Blasts

Posted on April 1, 2011

A new era of connecting you may have noticed a drastic reduction in the number of christmas cards you received in december.electronic greeting cards seemed to be very popular this past holiday season. There are many advantages to using electronic greeting cards. The most obvious is the fact that the cards are free.

While print options still have some advantages, the overall cost of purchasing these cards and customizing could be quite expensive for large companies. The next major expense is the postage required to mail the cards to clients. Of course, there are labor expenses to address the envelopes and apply the postage. By sending cards electronically using “contact” software or even reservations software with a database, the process is streamlined and the cost greatly reduced.

As the new year began, another round of cards was received, wishing affi liates and potential affi liates happy new year.

You can build a database of email addresses into a system or you can allow the software provider to supplement your list or create a list with “vertical market” customers. These are people identifi ed as potential customers of your market. You can set up multiple emails to send to the same person on specifi ed dates and never have to worry about it again. You can even track who opens your emails and who deletes them without opening to refi ne your list to those that actually want to hear from you. The best part is, prices start as low as $15 a month. You also can create multiple lists for potential affi liates, potential clients, existing clients, and affi liates. You can deliver messages regularly to keep your name in front of the people you want. You can even use social media such as Facebook or Twitter to troll for e-mail addresses of your friends and fans and import them to the contact software.


In developing your own network, you want to make absolutely sure that your geographic market area and types of vehicles offered are clearly displayed in your message so that even a brief look at your message summarizes your company. Using tracking software to determine who opened your emails, you can and should call the company that read your email to discuss the potential for doing business in the future. As you connect with people, you should consider a mapping program such as Microsoft Trips & Streets and create a map with virtual pushpins showing the name and phone number of your affi liates. This allows you to quickly locate someone in another area of the country to provide service in any city. This can also help in the event of a breakdown or a call from a local client needing service in another city.

This is a personal decision but one that should be made carefully. Too many blasts in a short period of time could offend some clients. This is why a follow-up call should be made to those that open your email. You can adjust the frequency of the blasts just enough to keep them thinking about your company without overwhelming them with useless information. You can set up such things as birthday greetings, anniversary messages, and even a message for every holiday if you desire. You can set up an entire year of contact at one time. Just remember that no one likes to get junk mail so be sparing in how often you send blasts to the same person.


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