Purge Or Surge? TNC Fights Play Out On Rates, Labor, Rules

Posted on September 9, 2015

NYC Mayor To Target TNC Surge Pricing: The feud between Uber and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is far from over. Despite the evidence presented in my new Manhattan Institute report that ridesharing helps low- and medium-income neighborhoods and does not cause increased Manhattan congestion, the city will likely take some action to curtail ridesharing’s innovative business model this fall. Forbes article here

Uber China Rival Raises Capital: Didi Kuaidi, Uber's No. 1 rival in China, just raised $3 billion in venture capital funding, the company announced Wednesday. Business Insider article here

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Uber, Lyft Likely To Get Sea-Tac Access: In a packed meeting Tuesday, the Port of Seattle Commission considered three options to revise ground transportation at Sea-Tac, two of which would abandon the current practice of signing an exclusive contract for on-demand taxi service leaving the airport. Drivers for Seattle Yellow Cab, which has held the current contract since October 2010, turned out in force to rally against any such change. Seattle P-I article here

County Panel May Ask State To Set TNC Rules: The long-standing battle between Hillsborough County’s Public Transportation Commission and ride-share companies Uber and Lyft could be settled in Tallahassee. Today, the transportation commission will consider proposing a state law that would allow Uber and Lyft to operate legally in Hillsborough County if they abide by certain requirements. A draft bill will be presented to the county’s legislative delegation Sept. 25 if most commission members agree. Tampa Bay Online article here

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TNCs Must Improve Disabled Access: As TNCs negotiate for permits to pick up passengers at Los Angeles International Airport, advocates are pressing regulators to require better access for disabled travelers, saying they should be as confident that they can catch a ride with Uber and Lyft as with a taxi. Los Angeles Times article here

Uber Driver Hiring Event Draws Influx Of Applicants: Hundreds of people who hope to drive for the San Francisco-based ride-hailing company caused periodic traffic jams at the Hampton Inn Tropicana on Dean Martin Drive on the second of nine days of information sessions designed to assemble a fleet of driver partners. Las Vegas Review-Journal article here

State Of The Global TNC War: A map shows where already dominates — and where Uber is the Lyft to someone else’s Uber. Here are the companies that stand between Uber and its world domination in each continent. Forbes article here

Uber  Backlash Brewing? In the age of rampant income inequality, the overhyped promises of the sharing economy are running headlong into a growing desire by Americans for a caring economy. As the sharing economy continues to grow, companies like Uber and Lyft may be hard-pressed to justify their refusal to treat drivers as employees. Huffington Post article here

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