California Court One Step Closer To Uber Ruling

Posted on August 7, 2015

For Uber’s lawyers, the case heard before theirs in a San Francisco courtroom on Thursday may have looked like a harbinger of future woes. California Northern District Judge Edward Chen was going over the details of a $227 million settlement that FedEx, a 44-year-old company with close to the same value as 6-year-old Uber, agreed to pay earlier this summer. That payout should end an argument over whether FedEx misclassified 2,100 drivers as independent contractors in California and thus denied them benefits that employees get like overtime pay, reimbursed expenses and meal breaks. Soon Uber’s lawyers would be before the same judge arguing about the same classification question — with respect to about 75 times that many drivers.

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  • Jay

     | about 5 years ago

    to Turner...Well there big INDEPENDENT DRIVER, if your claiming to be independent, you better be paying your own commercial insurance, and it better be documented for your cars registration and in your vehicle at all times. And you better be registered with the state for which you operate in for tax purposes. And not your moms car either. Good luck moron

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