NY Senator Calls For Upgrades in Stretch Limo Standards

Posted on August 5, 2015

Sen. Charles Schumer says he wants the federal agencies to begin testing stretch limos and aftermarket motor coaches. He says the converted vehicles often lack an adequate number of side-impact air bags, reinforced rollover bars and strong frames. Schumer said some of the vehicles also lose emergency exits.

“They wouldn’t inspect every stretch limo,” he said. Instead, Schumer wants federal regulators to examine what could be done to identify weaknesses and introduce new safety regulations.

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  • anthony

     | about 5 years ago

    They should have a similar program as they did years ago with people crusing their old vehicles for $$$$$ Have a tax deduction on the exchange of old vehicles to replace with new vehicles. Some countries have a 6 year old or newer law and all you see is mercedes buses etc. The tragedy in new york has awakend the governement and they will begin to act. Our industry needs to send the suggestions that are needed to clean up the industry of old junk party buses and old limousines. The bus inspection should also require to have the ac on from the start of the inspection to assure that no passengers will try to open windows for fresh air. The limousine side impact usually comes with 2 ribs, i visited a coach builder in los angeles (american limousine) they have 3 ribbs for possible side impact. The roof in the limos have a standard every 6 to 8 inches metal rib... I do feel there is a lot of space between the body of the limousine and the bar/j seat... there is plenty of room to add re-inforced frame mod.

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