Elite Bus Transit Service Flops

Posted on July 14, 2015

Want a piece of ironic San Francisco history? One of Leap Transit’s tricked out yuppie buses is for sale on eBay for as little as $17,999. “Party bus beautiful limo bus for sale Big Party bus completed refurbished inside. Many features to list in short ad. Come see this money maker!!!!” the page reads. Sound enticing?

SFGate blog post here

Background article: Techies Bus Service Shuts Down

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  • KL

     | about 4 years ago

    I've researched CNG transit buses a fair amount and so I've been looking at these and doing a little more research. The NREL did a CNG Transit Bus Experience Survey in 2009-2010 and part of their report stated this: "There has been a significant history of failure of turbo chargers on Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC) Series 50 CNG engines. These failures have escalated to bus fires on several occasions. Several agencies have attempted to implement proactive scheduled replacement campaigns to replace turbo chargers before failure. This was reported to be unsuccessful because the turbo life proved difficult to predict, and many failed before replacement. These agencies have reverted to a run-to-failure approach to this problem." This is in addition to low reliability in general relative to diesel and also 80% of diesel's fuel economy. It just shows how dumb these Leap guys were that in addition to deciding to operate in a blatantly illegal manner they chose equipment that almost guaranteed a high level of service and maintenance incidents.

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