California Sets High Standard With New TNC Insurance Rules

Posted on July 2, 2015
Starting July 1, California’s strict new insurance rules for Uber and its ride-hailing rivals took effect. The law, passed close to a year ago, aims to clear up the ambiguity around when drivers are truly on the roads working versus just driving around in their private cars, and whose insurance kicks in as a result. That may sound wonky, but it’s much more than legalese: as the tragic case that helped spur the legislation shows, it’s a genuine matter of life and death.

Wired magazine article here

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  •  | about 5 years ago

    It is good to see a more level playing field which is all I asked for when I advised the State Insurance Commissioner of this in 2013. The diligent effort of the Insurance Commissioner on behalf of the State lead to a formal hearing and ruling to this effect. Now the challenge to enforce this law is upon the State so there are teeth in the smile. On behalf of the GCLA Board and former President Rich Azzolino, we are all happy that the Board of the GCLA could help this happen. Rich and I testified at the hearing and we applaud the Commissioner's decision. The GCLA and all local associations need suppport to represent the industry locally. With over 6,000 TCP operators in the State, we have just over 300 members. Please join and support your local association. It works.

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