Lincoln To Replace MKT With New Aviator SUV?

Posted on June 8, 2015

The Ford Motor Company is working on a highly modular platform to underpin most of Lincoln’s next-generation lineup as well as a few Ford-badged models, and according to a new report one of the models could be an SUV reviving the Aviator nameplate. The last Lincoln Aviator bowed out of the market in 2005.

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  • Andrew Pappas

     | about 5 years ago

    The Taurus and Impala are both nicer than the old Town Car and DTS. That said, fleet pricing for the Lincoln and Cadillac both make that point rather moot. And, I agree that the Taurus is more useful, but the '14 MKS refresh mitigated the trunk problem enough. I've run one for a year, and cargo has never been an issue. Personally, I love the Flex, but the retail market doesn't. Engineering a limo only model like the Town Car was just doesn't work in today's market. I'm hoping the fleet price on the Continental will be about 5k over the MKS. The market can absorb that. Realize that Ford will do a similar Taurus, and one has already been shown in China.

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