Florida Associations Continue Pressure Against Pro TNC Bill

Tom Halligan
Posted on April 3, 2015
TALLAHASSEE, Fla.-- Following  a successful March 26 rally at the state Capitol by more than 100 Florida operators to make the case for stronger Transportation Network Company (TNC) legislation, a second rally will be held later this month in an effort to sway legislators to toughen up a proposed pro TNC bill.

“I think we made an impact with legislators, especially those who only thought this was an issue between cab companies and TNCs,” said Rick Versace, president of the Florida Limousine Association (FLA).

He added that operators met with their respective district legislators and made the case that the bill needs to protect the public by ensuring that TNCs have the same insurance, background checks and inspections as limousine companies.

Uber has spent significant time and money lobbying legislators — and the public — to craft a statewide bill that basically makes them exempt from existing rules and regulations that private transportation companies abide by.

“At the rally we had a press conference scheduled outside the capitol and Uber got wind of it and decided to hold their own press event inside right before ours to keep the media away from us,” said Versace. “But it backfired because the media also came to our event to get our side of the story — we probably got triple the press coverage because of their tactic.”

Versace noted that the association’s goal is to continue to work with legislators to make the point that they are not against TNCs “rather, this is a public safety issue and they need to know that TNCs need to operate under the same standard that we do.”

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  • Greg

     | about 5 years ago

    uber is a scam. An evil company exploiting its workers. They have no car inspections and make less than minimum wage. Their insuranceis leaves the driver and victims vulnerable due to Ubers gap insurance. Just look what happened to Sofia Liu. The company refuses any liability for what can occur and all passengers sign such a waiver. Uber has poor background checks and anybody can create an account under somebody else's license and become a driver. The drivers will be hard pressed to Maintain their cars at the low rates which Uber offers to unfairly compete with taxis. Their wages are below $5/he. Uber pays no taxes. They are jamming and contesting roads with an oversupply of drivers. Uber falsely advertised wages, pays off lobbyists and government officials in order to avoid an even playing field that secures the public. Uber is a dangerous scam. Several sexual assaults are occurring at an alarming rate directly resulting from this company. The unsafe driving practice of looking at the phone in order to accept trips while driving is just one more reason why this company is a disaster on wheels. They must not be allowed to run roughshod over public safety and welfare laws.

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