Why Some Customers Hate Uber, But Won't Leave

Posted on March 27, 2015
Most potential Uber users are pragmatists who like the convenience of the app but don't obsessively follow the company's litany of controversies. There is a lot that goes unstudied. 

The company has piled up negative press by sabotaging competing startups, trash talking the taxi establishment and playing fast and loose with regulations, user privacy and its relationship with the media.

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  • DHN

     | about 5 years ago

    Uber retains customers because, despite its controversies, provides infinitely more reliable, personable, and safer, service than a traditional taxi. I have given up on taxis as they do not show up consistently, or promptly. I am not thrilled with the prospect of riding in a clapped-out, retired, police car. I am not thrilled by the fact that I do not get clean taxis, or a driver that will more than likely, not speak (or understand) the English language. Each and every Uber car I've ever received has been some sort of clean, black SUV, Town Car, 300, MKT, MKS, etc., with the appropriate livery plates, and a licensed, insured, courteous driver. I can't speak for UberX, as I've never used it, but Uber has yet to disappoint. Uber is not hurting the taxi industry. The taxi industry is doing a great job of killing their customer base.

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