Juries Will Decide If Uber, Lyft Drivers Work Like Employees

Posted on March 13, 2015

Two separate class-action lawsuits against Transportation Network Companies Uber and Lyft will go to trial before juries after the companies failed to convince Federal judges on Wednesday that drivers who work for them should be considered contractors instead of employees.

Aside from increasing the cost of doing business, the ruling could affect the valuations of both companies and similar start-ups, which rely heavily on contracted individuals to provide services that are core to their business.

Los Angeles Times article here

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  • John Anderson

     | about 5 years ago

    I agree with Iturner. I owned a taxi company for over 16 years, and watched regulators turn heads the other way when involving enforcement of taxi laws, especially the NYC TLC. The real problem is money that the cities and municipalities might lose without being able to issue licenses and earn revenue from fines. Like they really care about safety, that's F&%ing funny. NYC has THE WORST taxi drivers, due to an easy entry and lack of any real enforcement, slap on the wrist basically. These TNC entities are a perfect example of how less Government involvement leads to better service. Sure, maybe a person driving an "Uber" car might do something careless or stupid, but you likely multiply one TNC incident by 10 to get the same number incidents involving taxis and limos that are licensed. Hey, if Uber and Lyft are so bad, why are they doing so well while, in some cases, charging more than a taxi?

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