Uber Chicago Coming Out With Panic Button

Posted on February 13, 2015

Uber plans to add a panic button to its mobile app in Chicago that users can press to alert police if they feel threatened.

Uber’s Midwest Regional Manager Andrew MacDonald could not offer a specific time frame on when the feature would make its local debut while addressing the Sun-Times editorial board Thursday. He said it would happen in the “next several months.”

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  • Chuck Cotton

     | about 6 years ago

    Imagine a passenger getting into a Uber vehicle with a panic button. Their first questions are: why is it necessary to have a panic button? Are you a licensed driver? I must not be entering into a safe environment. Has Uber had problems with drivers raping or mugging passengers? Just such a panic button once nationally publicized will scare passengers off and it should. Uber drivers are not certified or screened by police agencies. Uber has not real screening processes as they claimed. Maybe, go through the motions occasionally, as reported by ex Uber drivers. Why? simple, Uber needs thousands of new drivers daily around the world to keep their fraudulent business platform ongoing. The turnover driver rate is outlandish and there is not time to screen drivers and police enforcement agencies won't screen them as they have never applied for permits. Mass recruiting only results in overall sub-quality drivers unacceptable to any licensed carrier. Many are just outright scary looking-ex cons all tattooed up, homeless, poor hygienic people, dumpster divers, foreign aliens, non speaking uneducated poor people. Would you let your son or daughter (millennials) get in an Uber or Lyft vehicle with a whacky pink ornament on the grill or hanging down from the mirror with such a driver? Uber says Oh don't worry, we have a panic button for you if you get raped or mugged.

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