Florida County Cites Uber Drivers 250 Times, Fines $35,000

Posted on January 28, 2015
Operating illegally in Broward County is getting expensive for the popular ride-hailing app Uber. So far, the county has cited Uber's drivers 250 times and collected $35,000 in fines, records show.

The company, valued at $42 billion, has vowed to pay any fines levied against its drivers, as Uber wrangles with Broward County government to modernize taxi laws.

Sun-Sentinel article and video here

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  • Viorel

     | about 4 years ago

    the cabdrivers could barely made a living till uber came . Now nobody can make a living , either cab drivers or uber drivers . What s good about this ? Do you like to have slaves to drive you around ? Just becouse they are not fortunate to know math to know how much profit they make ?

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