Is Uber More Democrat Or Republican?

Posted on January 15, 2015
For Senator Marco Rubio, Uber’s not just an easy tool for fast rides. It’s an app of political persuasion.

Bloomberg article here

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  • Steve

     | about 6 years ago

    Interesting that uber follows the laws in nyc they are destroying across the country. Taxi Union? Please, taxi companies are small businesses everywhere except nyc. Houston's regulations are much less than nyc s. Driver must be finger printed, drug tested and take a physical. They still can use their personal insurance which is an insurance scam. Nyc requires commercial insurance. If Rubio is in favor of no insurance coverage and no meaningful background check, keep telling students that is what the Republican party is about! When the rule of law no longer applies to those who can buy off the most powerful we are headed to a corporate state controlled by Google. How many rapes or Sexual assaults in the last month? Maybe it will take one of Rubio s students to assaulted for him to understand why we have regulations. Just an asshole named taxi

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