CA Operator Gets Green Light For More Business

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Posted on May 4, 2011

Hecker Transportation, which operates along California’s environmentally conscious Central Coast region, takes steps to save fuel and cut carbon emissions.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — Hecker Transportation LLC, dba SERENITY LIMOUSINES & SEDANS SERVICE, a luxury limousine and executive transportation company based near Santa Barbara, has teamed up with the industry’s top green consultant to make sure it reduces its carbon emissions on several fronts.

As a Silver Member of Toronto-based GREEN RIDE GLOBAL (GRG), a firm that creates and implements environmental sustainability programs for the ground transportation industry, HECKER TRANSPORTATION is putting into practice a program that covers the following points:

• A comprehensive environmental policy that identifies and addresses the reduction of potential environmental effects s from all areas of business operations.

• Fleet GHG Inventory.

• Ongoing measurement and monitoring of fleet GHG emissions.

• Transition to the latest low-carbon vehicles and fuels.

• Ongoing monitoring and enforcement of GHG emissions reductions including a responsible driving practice across the entire fleet.

• Exclusive hybrid vehicle discount program through ROYALE LIMOUSINE.

• Green Ride Global member identification on LIMOS.COM & FORGROUND.COM booking platforms.

As the first Green Ride Global member in Santa Barbara, Hecker Transportation operates a fleet of 12 vehicles, including luxury sedans, SUVs, and stretch limousines. CEO Chris Hecker said he recognized the need to differentiate his company as a responsible steward of the California environment.

“Even with this being a small step, each and every step counts when it comes to the environment. We are happy to partner with a great company in helping provide a stronger platform in today’s environmentally friendly and professional community,” Hecker said.


LCT Staff LCT Staff
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  • Julie A.

     | about 9 years ago

    I have used Hecker Transportation as one of my affiliates in Santa Barbara, and have had zero issues. I am not sure what the problem is with “Concerned Operator” and “Chris Hecker”. I do however understand Chris’s short and to the point reply on this blog posting. <br><br>As a women operator and member of the NLA, I will continue to support Hecker Transportation and I consider Chris and all of his team good people and friends. Most importantly, they are great affiliates that I can trust.<br><br>As for the “Concerned Operator”, you seem to have a lot of hatred hidden deep within your comments, maybe you need to move on and focus on more positive matters. Personal issues, opinions and anonymous unpleasantness should be dealt with separately and have no role in the business community. Not only is it unprofessional but unethical.<br><br>God bless,<br>Julie A.<br>

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