GPS Insight Fights Fuel Card Fraud With New Technology

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Posted on April 20, 2011

A client recently used the GPS fleet-tracking product features to bust an employee for padding hours, falsifying timesheets, and stealing fuel.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — GPS INSIGHT, a supplier of GPS-tracking solutions for commercial and municipal fleets, has partnered with WRIGHT EXPRESS, a global provider of business-payment processing and information management solutions. Both companies are working together to help clients in managing fuel card usage and identifying fuel card fraud.

As a result of this new alliance, end-users are now able to generate reports on all fuel card transactions and see flagged activity where a specific vehicle was not present for the associated purchase transaction. In addition to mitigating fuel card fraud, this type of fuel card integration also allows for the calculation of mpg data and anomalies, and the easy identification of non-fuel purchases and an IFTA state mileage/fuel purchase report.

These reports are all available within the GPS Insight reporting suite, which now consolidates the management of fuel card transaction data and fleet activity.

GPS Insight recently reported that a prominent client had suspicions of an employee taking advantage of the company. Using the GPS Insight reporting suite, the client confirmed those suspicions and found that the employee in questions was padding hours and falsifying timesheets.

The client also detected fuel card fraud by using the new WRIGHT EXPRESS fuel transaction report — the employee had made multiple fuel purchases in which the location of the truck was not verified, i.e. the location of the fuel card transaction and the location of the vehicle did not match. The client could distinguish the fuel card fraud at a glance because the Wright Express fuel transaction report displays color-coded location verification (green = verified, red = potential fraud).

GPS INSIGHT is also offering these new features to its existing product:

• Dashboard graphs with one-click access to reports: Immediately spot trends with real-time graph data and instantly drill down to supporting reports.

• Scheduled Reports dashlet: Click on a saved/scheduled report from within the dashlet and run it in the browser.

• Vehicle Selector filter: Provides an option to display only certain vehicles based on the client’s input and will also update each associated map with only the vehicle filtered and selected.

• Comparison Graph dashlet: View the difference between two groups of vehicles in terms of mileage, idle hours, and speeding activity.

• Copy Dashlet capability: Copy a dashlet’s settings into a new dashlet.


LCT Staff LCT Staff
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