California Operator Offers Clients New Online Features

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Posted on April 13, 2011

ABOUT PHOTO: California operator Chris Hecker at the Santa Ynez Inn in Santa Ynez, Calif.

SUMMARY: Serenity Limousine’s affiliates and clients now have access to online account creation, 24/7 reservations, instant rate lookup, and real-time GPS tracking.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — HECKER TRANSPORTATION AND SERENITY LIMOUSINE AND SEDAN SERVICE, a Santa Barbara County-based operation, recently added the following upgrades for its clients and affiliates:

• Live online reservations

• Instant rate lookup

• Ability to create an account

• GPS tracking with

Clients can now book reservations 24 hours a day for service in 440 cities from Canada to Mexico and throughout the U.S. Clients will be able to create multiple users under one profile and store several forms of payments. They also will be able to review past trips; review and print current and past invoices; pay invoices; make reservations and modifications; and cancel and rebook former trips. A $60 discount will be offered for the next six months for any reservations of five hours or more.

GPS will be available for Serenity’s fleet of 12 vehicles. Serenity can provide temporary usernames and passwords for clients so they can log on and track the vehicle in real time. This will monitor the speed of vehicle, save time, fuel and man hours, and will provide scene security.

SERENITY LIMOUSINE & SEDAN SERVICE is family owned and operated, and was a 2010 Best of Lompoc (Calif.) Award winner. Serenity is a “green” company with its strategic emissions-reduction plan for pollution emitted by its fleet and facilities. Chauffeurs and office members are trained in fuel conservation, waste management, and recycling programs with local partners.

“We are using bio-diesel and CNG (concentrated natural gas) fuel,” said Serenity Limousine and Sedan CEO Chris Hecker.

The company recently entered local and national programs to help offset its carbon footprint left by use of petroleum products. Employee incentives have been formed to reduce company waste in the office and on the road, Hecker said.

Hecker Transportation dba Serenity Limousine and Sedan Service serves a local region that stretches from San Luis Obispo County along the central California coast south through Los Angeles County.

Information on Serenity Limousine & Sedan: (805) 568-5466; (800) 939-5466; [email protected]


LCT Staff LCT Staff
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    Geneso,<br><br>Let’s be clear on a few facts, The LCT Magazine and Bobit Business Media does not take payment for articles to my knowledge but even if they did why would it matter to you? keeping in mind this is a industry publication not a public news paper or magazine that you can purchase on any street corner in America, next if you’re going to accuse someone of unethical tactics then I would recommend doing it in the proper format, as I think your approach to this is unprofessional. My last thing about your small minded and one liner comment is this, The editorial staff at the LCT has a right called "freedom of the press and if they should choose to exercise their right who are you to make a unfounded comment" such as the one above? Your short but upsetting remark is unfounded and out of place even for a blog. Before you speak get your facts correct if not your going to look like an uneducated fool. <br><br>Next time you might want to sign your full name and contact information if you have the balls… I know I do! <br><br>Have a great day, <br><br><br>Chris Hecker <br>CEO / President<br><br>Hecker Transportation, LLC.<br>dba Serenity Limousines &amp; Sedans <br>[email protected]<br>www. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br><br>Office: 1-805-688-7746<br>

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