32 Creative Ways To Spice Up Your Limo Options

LCT Staff
Posted on February 23, 2011

2011 INTERNATIONAL LCT SHOW: New York operator Matthew Silver offers a mix of traditional and outside-the-box ideas for tours, packages, and experiences aimed at getting more retail clients.

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Operator Matt Silver of ULTIMATE CLASS LIMOUSINE AND TRANSPORT emphasized during his Show seminar last week that you must charge a set price for each package because this makes it convenient for your clients and gives them more incentive to choose you.

1. Lovers Package:

• Romantic getaway tailored specifically for a couple’s interests.

• Establish relationships with an upscale restaurant and florist.

• You bring the restaurant customers and they might give you a discounted deal so you can offer a set price that includes the ride, champagne/wine in the car, and dinner.

2. Major City Tours

• Create partnerships with businesses in the target city, i.e. hotel concierges, restaurants.

• Invest in multi-lingual tour guides.

• Allows for “worry-free” tours.

3. Mansion Tours

• Find mansions in or around your main service area.

• 4-5 hour tour that includes lunch and pre-paid admission.

4. Shopping Sprees

• Reduced hourly rate for package deal.

• Stress-free and convenient.

• Offer on weekdays.

• Market to book clubs, bridge clubs, any type of women’s group.

5. Winery Tour

• Establish a relationship with the marketing person at a winery.

• Offer extra amenities with the package such as lunch, interactive “behind-the-scenes” activities such as picking grapes from the vines (pre-arrange with winery).

• The more you can offer your client, the easier it will be for them to choose you.

6. City Points of Interest

• Museums, cultural centers, historical sites, parks.

• Charge set price.

• Pre-paid lunch, admission tickets, etc. – taking care of these in advance makes it easier for the client.

7. Homes of the Famous and Infamous

• Get brochures and maps from a coach tour company and offer a smaller scale tour.

8. Stork Service

• Bring newborns home in style.

• Establish relationship with OB/GYNs.

• Lowers stress-level of new moms coming home after birth.

• Offer congratulatory flowers, champagne.

• Charge one set-price.

9. “See the Tree” Tour

• Trip to a plaza Christmas tree.

• Include dinner and cocktails.

10. Doctor’s Visits

• From check-ups to surgeries.

• Reduces stress, makes it convenient.

• Market to affluent zip codes.

11. Pub Crawls

• Eliminates danger of drinking and driving.

• Market to both young and older groups.

• Make special arrangements with bars ahead of time so clients only have to pay for the set package price.

• Take care of cover charge, try to get a back-door policy so clients don’t have to wait in lines.

12. LGBT Interest

• Establish relationships with LGBT activist groups, attend shows and meetings.

• High disposable income.

• Willing to pay more for luxury.

13. Restaurant Crawls

• Establish relationships with 4-6 restaurants so you can offer a variety.

• Arrange for select dishes and appetizers to be served.

• Mutual relationship: you bring them large groups of customers so in exchange try to get discounts and incentives, i.e. 50% off next visit, buy one get one, complimentary drinks and dessert.

14. Scavenger Hunts

• Choose a charity to benefit.

• Find a financial institution or insurance company to sponsor the event.

• Passengers in car receive a map.

15. Halloween Decoration Tour

• Short season (Sept.-Oct.)

• Check with local museums to see if they decorate.

• Find neighborhoods/communities that are big on Halloween decorations.

16. Live Theatre with Dinner

• Establish a relationship with marketing representatives at local theaters.

• Include drinks on the way to the theatre.

17. House of Worship Tour

• Speak to some religious leaders in the community: “This church/mosque/temple is beautiful and I would like to bring some people to see it.”

• Religious leaders may be open to it because your passengers may want to become members of the congregation.

18. Architectural Tour

• Find a historical society or city office that would know of the region’s architectural marvels.

19. Private Golf Club Outing

• Many great golf courses are for members only, but see if you can talk to the president or head of the course and negotiate with them to allow you to bring in non-member groups.

• Clients would love opportunity to play at an exclusive golf course.

• Works best with SUVs and vans.

20. Famous Pizza Place Tour

• Arrange for clients to be able to design their own pizza.

• If the pizza place makes and sells their own pizza sauce, try to include a jar for each client as part of the package.

21. Back to the Good Old Days

• The perfect gift for the relative that you never know what to give on that special occasion.

• Get the client’s family together in a limousine, van, or limousine bus and go back to where they grew up, went to school, hung out, eat at the "old" restaurant where they ate to enjoy wonderful memories.

22. Apple/ Pumpkin Picking

• Package an orchard/pumpkin patch tour and lunch.

• Good for groups and families.

• Works well with hotel concierges for families in town for conventions.

23. Holiday Lights Tour

• Find out neighborhoods known for their Christmas lights and decorations.

• After neighborhood tour, take clients to plaza Christmas tree.

• Include dinner and cocktails.

24. Designer Handbags/ Shoe Shopping

• Arrange with designer showrooms and elegant upscale boutiques.

• Works well for weekdays.

• While husbands are in town for business and conventions, you can take their wives on this shopping trip.

25. Day of Beauty

• Spa.

• Manicure/Pedicure.

• Facial.

• Lunch.

• Negotiate with Spa to give clients a special parting gift or some incentive for them to visit again.

26. Graveyard Tours

• Look for celebrity graves.

• Make it entertaining by giving the chauffeur a script, maybe eerie music and lighting.

27. Appetizer Crawl

• Take to several restaurants and have a sample of appetizers for clients to choose from.

28. Garden Tours

• Both public and private gardens.

• Combine with including a wine bar in vehicle.

29. Famous Movie and Television Filming Locations

• Train or hire a multi-lingual tour guide to make it available in different languages.

• Go to locations where they have filmed TV shows, commercials, and/or movies, i.e. the restaurant/café from Seinfeld.

30. Prison/Jail Release

• Establish a relationship with the sheriff’s office or the prison warden/corrections officer.

• There are some wealthy inmates in prison.

31. Turn Your Limo/Party Bus Into an On-location Vehicle for TV and Commercial Shoots

• Movie crews need mobile dressing rooms.

• Add some mirrors to the bus interior and you’ve got a mobile dressing room.

32. Turkey Drive for the Homeless

• Work with organizations that help the less fortunate and volunteer your vehicle to drive the food to the turkey donation destination.

• Great press and exposure.

The main concept here is to be creative as possible and think outside the box. Be willing to give anything a try because you never know what can turn into a cash cow. If a package doesn’t seem to become popular, you can always stop offering it.

— Michael Campos, LCT assistant editor

LCT Staff LCT Staff
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