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Posted on February 2, 2011

The newest version 3.0 will build on the solid online foundation developed by the creators of the affiliate management tool.

LAS VEGAS — With RATEBUTLER.COM, the online affiliate network management tool, reaching more than 380 users, members will learn of a product enhancement this month at the 2011 INTERNATIONAL LCT SHOW, now that the re-write into .net is done and ready for a formal release.

“This program has grown from an affiliate profile sharing system into an active tool that allows reservation agents’ instant access to their affiliate rates in different markets,” said Michael Lindsey, the programs creator. “There is no longer a need to house and maintain other company’s rates on your system, and you are guaranteed an accurate rate… every time.

“And now the final piece has been added that will allow for the complete control of and management of your reservations in the other markets you serve,” he added.

When the program was first launched in 2009, the first problem that was solved was having the ability to fill out an affiliate profile only once, and then “share” it with anyone who asked. This alone was a huge time saver and removed the excuse companies had for not filling out these “affiliate applications” or “profiles.” In one simple “click” you were “sharing” the information that was requested, and you could go back to running your business.

In January 2010, Rate Butler Lite was released allowing reservation agents to search a database of shared rates that were guaranteed updated and accurate. Rate Butler Lite gave the agent choices between affiliates (primary and secondary), told them what the all-inclusive rates were for each vehicle type, and then automatically calculated the farm-out company’s markup for them.

The new .net platform changes the appearance of the site to be more “program like” where it looks less like a website. You use Microsoft Word to write a letter, and you use to manage your affiliate network. It is even easier to use, and more intuitive for the user. The heart of the program is managing rates; and the new system offers a wizard-like interface for the quick entry and editing of a company’s rates.

Each year the program has become more robust. In February, there will be another major enhancement announcement of the program. “I think this feature will really get everyone’s attention,” Lindsey said. “It solves many issues that are a waste of both the farm-in company and farm-out companies’ time once it is decided to proceed with the reservation, on through the time the reservation has been completed.”

This announcement will be unveiled during each of the two informational seminars on Rate Butler at the Show. Users will learn everything they need to know about the program, how to use it, and how it can save operators time and money.



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