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Posted on January 19, 2011

San Diego operator and rock musician Will Bonnar finds more freedom by gradually shifting leadership responsibility to an executive consultant and the owner of an interactive advertising agency who have invested in his company.

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — TORREY PINES TRANSPORTATION owner Will Bonnar has long wanted to spend more time pursuing his personal musical interests as a rock musician while growing his executive chauffeured transportation company.

To that end, Torrey Pines Transportation recently welcomed new investors, Brian Daniells and Clayton Daniells, whose goals include fleet improvement, top-notch technology, and acquisitions to further develop Torrey Pines Transportation’s markets.

“This business began in my apartment with a single car,” Bonnar said in a press release. “We’ve served a strong base of loyal customers over the years. Those relationships are deep and valued, so we want to make sure the expansion of the company also means solid, high-quality service for the long haul.”

In a follow-up interview with LCT Magazine, Bonnar said he and the Daniells brothers all retain ownership stakes for now, but with the new investors gradually taking over executive and managerial duties. For now, the deal is an active partnership that may eventually lead to an outright sale. Bonnar said he will remain involved in the business, but now has more time to perform with a desert-area rock band and also do solo performances in Southern California.

“I was a musician before I got into this,” said Bonnar, a guitarist inspired by music artists James Taylor, Paul Simon, and Jackson Browne. “I came more from the cab industry. I came out of drug rehab in mid-1980s, and then started adding vehicles as I got the loans.”

Bonnar said he has returned in recent years to playing more music several nights a week with the rock band, RADIO 60, which plays venues in the Palm Desert and Rancho Mirage area, and his solo performances: WILL BONNAR MUSIC WEB SITE.

The Daniells brothers are bullish about the boosted venture. “We believe that executive transportation is a leading economic indicator, and we have shown our faith by dedicating ourselves to this local and long-term family business,” the brothers said in a statement.

Brian Daniells will expand operational profitability and efficiency. As an executive consultant with Tatum, he raised capital, implemented ownership changes and start-ups in various industries, and successfully completed numerous restructurings. His primary focus is on financial and management performance.

Clayton Daniells is the CEO and owner of an interactive advertising agency with expertise in internet marketing. His 25 years of professional experience include ownership of two agencies and multiple honors, including the prestigious CLIO award. He is the men’s editor of BASK Magazine, a quarterly publication specializing in luxury goods.

Torrey Pines Transportation, founded in 1988, provides transportation service to corporate, group and individual clients. The company owns and operates 10 vehicles, including Lincoln Town Car Executive L sedans, SUVs, executive vans, and a 24-passenger mini-bus, Bonnar said. Torrey Pines has 23 full- and part-time employees.

Based in San Diego, Calif., Torrey Pines Transportation is among the oldest executive transportation companies serving the Southern California area with affiliate relationships nationwide.

Sources: Torrey Pines Transportation; Martin Romjue, LCT editor

LCT Staff LCT Staff
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