Demand Rises For Simple, Custom GPS Tracking Devices

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Posted on October 27, 2010

As the travel industry gets more tech-savvy, GPS tracking software is changing to keep up with the growing market.

WINTER PARK, Fla. — Recently published surveys show that 80% of cell phone shipments (about 320 million units) will have GPS functionality, with the smartphone market driving the adoption of GPS in mobile devices, according to CES Wireless Technologies.

GPS technology will be integrated into field communications technology at an accelerated rate in the coming years, with integration of turn-by-turn navigation and business-related applications also increasing.

Instead of tracking vehicles and spying on driver behavior, field personnel will become a more integrated part of a corporation, according to CES WIRELESS TECHNOLOGIES, based in Winter Park, Fla.

“The GPS tracking market is growing, users are becoming more educated, and “grown-up” in the use of the technology,” said Pat Lohan, vice president of sales and marketing at CES Wireless. “The case for covertly spying on your employee is almost a thing of the past. The 2010 results-driven fleet manager wants to hire right and then empower that employee with the tools to do the right thing.”

CES Wireless’ Mobi software is one of the GPS tracking solutions gaining market share, the company said. It can be installed on any Windows compatible device, does not need a separate GPS tracking device in the vehicle, and supports handheld terminals, PDAs, smart phones, laptops and vertical market devices.

Information is instantly delivered back to CAD/Tracking software for the fleet manager to review. Mobi also can be fully integrated with popular third party software systems, allowing operators to continue using existing market specific software without having to purchase a second airtime plan.

Mobi is available in three versions — GPSmobi, TRK240mobi, and mobi911 —that are all compatible on different Windows software versions with various dispatch compatibility options. On the dispatch end, operators can use the POWER-trak3 professional enterprise GPS tracking software, FleetLinc GPS Web Tracking Server, or backround software module Fleet-Control API, all created by CES Wireless.

CES manufactures a wide range of products, so customers have a large selection of products to choose from to meets their needs, Lohan says. “Most other suppliers on the market don’t manufacturer — most import from China —and only supply one or two devices, so the customer does not have a lot of choice.”

Customers also can mix and match subscriber devices with management software depending on their fleet needs, Lohan adds. ”One vehicle might simply need a GPS tracking device with a driver routing/navigation terminal whereas another might need full text messaging and greater driver interaction. Our products provide both.”

ABOUT: CES Wireless is a developer and manufacturer of GPS location services, asset tracking, fleet management and mobile information solutions. The company was established in 1974 and provides PC/Web software and hardware to help fleet managers collect and evaluate vehicle originated data. Products operate over popular wireless services, including conventional trunking radio systems and cellular data networks.

Sources: CES WIRELESS TECHNOLOGIES; Jennifer Washington, LCT Magazine

LCT Staff LCT Staff
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