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CSI MOTORCOACH! Tour Company Offers Bus For Police Bomb Training

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Posted on October 13, 2010

ABOUT PHOTO: An MCI technician was on scene to handle any technical issues of the MCI bus during the police training scenario.

SUMMARY: Officers created a unique scenario involving a disgruntled gambler who takes out his violent aggression on passengers in a motorcoach provided by Shalimar Tours & Charter.

ONTARIO, Calif. — In an effort to help lower security risks, SHALIMAR TOURS & CHARTER recently joined with the Pomona (Calif.) Police Department’s Central Negotiation Team to train officers to handle bus bomb threats and hostage scenarios.

The training involved a hostage and bomb threat scenario using a motorcoach provided by Shalimar Tours & Charter. The mock hostages were volunteers.

“Fortunately, we have never dealt with this sort of situation,” said Erin Crosby, executive director of Shalimar Tours & Charter, based in Ontario, Calif. “Our drivers learned some valuable information that will help them if they are ever in a real life situation of this nature.”

Officer Ralph Rivera wanted to change up the training for the SWAT Team and thought of using a motorcoach instead of the typical residential and commercial building settings. Casinos are a common tour destination in Southern California, which has many local Indian Casinos, as well as Las Vegas and Laughlin, Nev., with their mega-casino strips just a few hours. Rivera figured that a scenario in which a disgruntled gambler takes out his aggression on a tour coach was a realistic possibility, so he contacted Shalimar Tours & Charter for assistance.

“The SWAT Team was fortunate to have training on a vehicle that can be mobile and learned the ins and outs of the motorcoach,” Rivera said. During the simulation, the SWAT Team was aided by Dave Dorr of Motor Coach Industries (MCI), who helped with some of the technical aspects of the MCI-built motorcoach.

Corporal Glenn Sugiki of the Pomona Police Department was excited to provide the opportunity to the SWAT Team. “With the motorcoach, we learned about the strengths and weaknesses of the vehicle and new techniques in dealing with the hostage situation on this type of situation,” Sugiki said.

Shalimar Tours & Charter has been in business for more than 25 years and operates a fleet of MCI coaches in Ontario, Calif. Shalimar works closely with local police departments and the California Highway Patrol in their training efforts.

Information: Shalimar Tours & Charter at (909) 923-1100 or visit


LCT Staff LCT Staff
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