Summit To Tackle Pressing Industry Wage Concerns

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Posted on August 18, 2010

Wages, employment, contractors, federal laws. . .what is going on and how do you handle it? Operators can get their questions answered at a human resources “clinic.”

CHICAGO — The 2010 LCT LEADERSHIP SUMMIT will include a critical session on employment practices and laws that affect operators during the three-day executive conference being held Sept. 28-30 at the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park Hotel.

Manesh K. Rath, a partner at Keller and Heckman LLP, which specializes in employment, labor and occupational safety and health (OSHA) law, will hold a session called “Human Resources Clinic — Protecting Your Company" from 9:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 29.

Rath represents businesses and associations facing employment discrimination charges, wage and hour claims, and other areas of human resources law. He speaks nationwide on employment issues and has been quoted in numerous news publications and has been interviewed on television and radio.

In recent years, the chauffeured transportation industry has witnessed significant activity in wage hour law, both in the form of increased government enforcement action and litigation brought on by workers. The pay methods used by the industry vary greatly and many of these methods are unique to the industry. These challenges highlight the importance of establishing payroll practices with utmost care.

As a follow-up to his previous presentations, Rath will address the dilemma of how to pay empolyees. He'll help end the decade-long debate and present the final solution that can be implemented industry-wide.



Attendees to the Summit will get a free-access pass on Thursday, Sept. 30 to the BUSCON CONFERENCE & EXPO.

Source: LCT Events

LCT Staff LCT Staff
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  • driver

     | about 9 years ago

    well it is about paying the drivers the right wages and if you think as a owner you can skirt the flsa law think again i hope you all will pay attetion as to what the real law is just pay the drivers right and give them the respect thay deserve and you will be ok and if not i bet there is a lawyer waiting for you to fight in court the whd just hired more agents to go after the miss clafiction of the workers and it is not in just in the limo industry just watch the bell case in nevada as to were the judge said thay must pay for all hours worked so i hope all the owners will open there eyes and do the right thing for the industry good luck by the way take the 20 question irs rule and that will tell you if your in compliance or not

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