BostonCoach Rolls Out New Travel-Auditing Tools

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Posted on August 4, 2010

SmartReportsSM bring greater understanding of costs to clients and reveal ways to reduce them.

BOSTON — In response to the persistent issues of hidden fees, overcharges and the need for greater transparency, BostonCoach today introduced a series of analytical tools that will help travel and procurement managers more closely manage their car-service spend, monitor usage, and gain greater understanding of what's driving these expenses.

Called "SmartReportsSM," BostonCoach's new audit tools are being rolled out now and are gaining the attention of corporate travel managers who are looking for greater transparency into the costs associated with their car-service, corporate road show, and other ground-transportation services and expenses. This introduction follows a year-long test of the program's components.

"BostonCoach SmartReports represent a significant step in the car-service industry and bring added analysis and rigor to help business travel procurement managers and company finance officers track usage, ultimately improving services to their employees and reducing costs," said Larry Moulter, president and CEO of BostonCoach, in a statement. "Testing of the reports over the past year revealed that many companies are spending upwards of 23% more than they expect for car service. Our analytics are helping travel managers pinpoint ways to more effectively manage their spend and their car-service program."

All In The Detail

SmartReports comprise more than 10 levels of analysis for use by travel managers on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis. One view, the Audit Report, presents a detailed accounting of ride counts that clearly points out the differences between quoted vs. actual costs. "The Audit Report is particularly helpful to travel and procurement managers because it helps them ensure that they are only paying for what they agreed upon," Moulter said.

Meanwhile, a second view, the travel-management report, is generated to help gain a greater understanding of how car services are used across an entire organization. Reports are available that list:

• A company's most frequent users and top pickup locations.

• Users who are incurring excessive stop-time and/or wait-time charges.

• Names of users who are excessively cancelling rides but still incurring charges because cancellation policies were not met.

"BostonCoach's Travel-Auditing Tools are being used by more than 70 client companies today and the number is growing; we expect quite a few clients will be looking for the additional insight they provide," Moulter said.


LCT Staff LCT Staff
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