Bottled Water, Mints, And. . . . A Kindle?!

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Posted on July 21, 2010

ABOUT PHOTO: Rosedale chauffeur Stefan Dicu offers ALL newspapers and magazines to his clients via an Amazon Kindle.

SUMMARY: Toronto operator experiments with electronic reader to provide chauffeured clients with favorite newspapers and magazines.

TORONTO — ROSEDALE LIVERY LIMITED has found an answer to the task of buying multiple newspapers for different clients and then recycling them day in and day out.

One of its chauffeurs is providing passengers with a Kindle for in-transit reading which has spurred Rosedale president Craig McCutcheon to gradually eliminate the purchase of up to 125,000 newspapers and 1,680 magazines used among his 69-vehicle fleet.

Chauffeur Stefan Dicu took the initiative to buy an Amazon Kindle to entertain the company clients while en route to their destinations. The Amazon Kindle is a hand-held computer that displays reading material such as e-books and e-newspapers from a variety of diverse Internet sources.

Before investing in the Amazon Kindle, Dicu would buy up to six newspapers a day or 1,800 newspapers annually plus dozens of magazines, as part of luxury service for his passengers. As a result, he was spending thousands of dollars a year on reading material and generating excess paper waste.

McCutcheon has not only praised the forward thinking initiative by his chauffeur, but he has started to build a company-wide program around the concept starting with adding Kindles in each of its seven 2010 Royale Ford Fusion Hybrid L sedans.

“As an environmental leader in our industry, we are always looking for new initiatives that bring environmental reductions as well as enhanced value for our clients,” McCutcheon said in a statement. “This one is clearly a win-win for all involved.”

Rosedale has plans to roll out the program to its entire fleet during the next year. “Across our fleet, we will eliminate the need for over 125,000 newspapers and 1,680 magazines each year,” McCutcheon said. “Just as important, we will add variety and technology to the client experience when traveling in our vehicles.

“This is an example of how a company’s commitment to environmental sustainability can foster new thinking among its employees,” said Ian Lipton, Chief Operating Officer of Green Ride Global, a consultancy specializing in sustainability programs for the transportation and business travel industries. “Discarded newspapers make up over 5% of municipal solid waste by weight.”

Lipton points out another environmental benefit: “If a chauffeur must purchase a new newspaper or magazine every time a passenger removes one from the vehicle, fuel is consumed to divert from the route. Across Rosedale’s entire fleet, this savings in fuel alone can result in a reduction of hundreds of kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions annually.”

Sources: GREEN RIDE GLOBAL; Rosedale Livery Limited

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