GPS Enables Police To Recover SUV Stolen From Operator

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Posted on June 30, 2010

100 miles, two states, and one high-speed pursuit later, Enterprise GPS helps police in tracking down a stolen SUV.

TUSTIN, Calif. — Virginia limousine operator Elsie Belman logged on to her online Enterprise GPS account on Saturday, June 19 to routinely check on the status of her fleet.

Belman, who owns 899 LIMO near Washington, D.C., shuddered with dread when she realized her black SUV that was supposed to be parked in a lot downstairs was on the move.

Bleman knew her vehicle was stolen and had to act quickly. Three months earlier, she had installed Enterprise GPS tracking units in her vehicles. She immediately called 911 and then Enterprise GPS. Within 15 minutes, an officer was at her office and she was on the phone with an Enterprise staff member.

The officer on scene in Alexandria, Va. got behind Elsie’s computer and, working with the staff of Enterprise GPS, began tracking the vehicle and relaying its locations to officers in the field. In a matter of minutes, the police converged on the vehicle. The thief tried ramming one of the police cars before embarking on a high-speed pursuit where officers eventually cornered the vehicle in a neighborhood. The SUV was recovered in under an hour from the time it was reported stolen. It did not have any major damage, and the suspect was apprehended.

“I can’t thank Enterprise GPS enough,” said Elsie, a seasoned operator with more than 35 years in the industry. “This system is simply fantastic! The police were even blown away by the power of this system. They thought it was awesome.”

Not only did Enterprise GPS help Elsie recover her $40,000 vehicle, but it was able to do so quickly without interrupting her service. “Helping clients like Elsie recover a stolen vehicle is what makes all our efforts worthwhile, and it really reflects to the true power of GPS tracking,” said Jon Kudla, president of Enterprise GPS.

ENTERPRISE GPS is a provider of advanced GPS tracking products and services. The company’s real-time, 24/7 gps tracking solution is an online application that allows business owners to track, monitor and improve the efficiency of its mobile resources to improve productivity and profitability.

Information: ENTERPRISEGPS.COM; (888) 400-4771.

LCT Staff LCT Staff
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