New “Hybrid” Reservations Software Can Make You “Greener”

LCT Staff
Posted on June 2, 2010

Unified Livery Systems launches Online Reservation Hybrid software that can help operators save money on office overhead and liability and speed up client service.

TOMBALL, Texas — UNIFIED LIVERY SYSTEMS (ULS) has launched its next generation of online reservations software, called ULS Online Reservation Hybrid because it bridges the gap between online reservations and system reservations.

Combining all basic features with added enhancements, the new ULS Online Reservation Hybrid can allow end users (the client) access to create, modify and cancel reservations, and acquire expenditure reports and invoices from anywhere in the world through the Internet.

Concierges, travel agents, and administrative assistants now will have the capabilities to create, manage and access reservations for their own clientele and have full control of every step. With the power to manage their own clientele, follow up with reservations, and captivate on commissions at anytime from anywhere, the software helps maximize customer service while minimizing overhead for chauffeured transportation operators.

With a web-based online reservations software product, the control of the backend is all handled through ULS itself, cutting out any service calls you may need with IT personal or web designers. ULS Online Reservation Hybrid enables operators to reduce office staff by allowing call takers to stay at home and work, thereby saving on overhead and liability. Staff can create, manage and access reservations for all clients through this program.

ULS is owned by Stephanie and John Ferrari, also part owners of FERRARI MERCHANTS, a credit card processing firm. Ferrari is the preferred provider for ULS.

Source: ULS

LCT Staff LCT Staff
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  • Poor System

     | about 7 years ago

    Stay away from ULS and Ferrari Merchants. Been with them since, 2006 the first few years were very stress, for a company who went from the old red book to a limo software. I went with ULS what a bad choice, spend a little more and save yourself the aggravation, In a nut shell, the software was poorly designed and with each new release comes tons of bugs. Customer support wasn't never great, always okay or a challenge. They charge you for support .I wouldn't need support if they would get all the dam bugs and glitch out of there system. Trust me stay away.

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