Technology Joins FaceBook, Offers Online Tutorials

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Posted on May 5, 2010

The online affiliate network management site created by LCT 2010 Operator Of The Year Michael Lindsey so far has signed up 272 operators nationwide for easy-to-access affiliate connecting.

HARTFORD, Conn. —, the latest online affiliate network management tool, recently has joined the social networking site Facebook to further its intra-industry connections.

With more than 270 companies using the free online affiliate network management tool, this media avenue will allow users to engage in online discussions, have their questions answered, interact with other members of the site, and view state-of-the-art online video tutorials.

RATEBUTLER.COM allows members to store all of their company information (contact, service area, fleet profile, and rates) in an easy-to-access format that they can easily share with other companies. There is no need to fill out another “Affiliate Profile” or “Application”, as companies simply “share” their information with the requesting affiliate company with the click of a mouse.

Released last month, Rate Butler Lite is a simple download that can easily run on every desktop within a company and allows the CSRs or reservation staff to easily access all their affiliate rates. No longer will companies have to store and maintain other company’s rates on their own systems, and all the information is current and maintained by the company which is posting the information — not the farm-out company.

“Joining FaceBook is a simple yet effective way to reach our members to share new product information, it allows for an exchange of ideas and questions, and also shows people exactly what the site does through a powerful selection of video tutorials,” says Michael Lindsey, the founder and owner of, along with Lindsey Limousine of Hartford, Conn. “This online resource combined with the Rate Butler Lite desktop search tool are guaranteed to save companies money and make them more efficient.”

The four to 12-minute long online video tutorials are annotated with audio instructions that guide the viewer through each step of the program — from initially setting up and entering their company information to using the program to manage their affiliate network and search for rates in “real time.”

The system is changing the way limousine companies exchange their company information with each other. It eliminates the need to fill out an “affiliate application” for each company they do business with, can be easily monitored and controlled, and removes the possibility of misquotes.



LCT Staff LCT Staff
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